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Stockholm, June 16, 2012

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Bookfair 2012: June 16!

16th December 2011

The date for Stockholm’s 2012 Anarchist Bookfair has been confirmed now: June 16!
This year, the fair will be held at Skarpnäcks Kulturhus.
The program will be up on the website in May.
You can book tables by sending a mail to book[at]
Please also note that there will be a No Border Camp in Stockholm after the bookfair, from June 17 to 24!


27th June 2011

Thanks to all volunteers, participants, and visitors for a great 2011 Bookfair! Now we’re gonna take a little break. Information about the 2012 Bookfair will be up at the end of the year!

Program 2011!

13th June 2011

The program for this year’s bookfair is ready! See here…

You can find a list with all the bookings for stalls here.


8th June 2011

There will be an afterparty to the anarchist bookfair at Grundbulten, June 18, 7 pm to 2 am. Tuna from Brazil and friends will be playing. 50 kronor, 18 years, and a Grundbulten membership to get in – to become a member, email your name to medlem.grundbulten[at]
Grundbulten is at Ranhammarsvägen 5 in Ulvsunda. To get there, take the subway and then a bus:
Solna centrum, bus 509 to Ranhammarsvägen;
Brommaplan, bus 176 or 177 to Norrbyvägen or bus 509 to Norrbyvägen or Ekbacksvägen;
Alvik, bus 112 to Ekbacksvägen.

Bookfair 2011!

5th January 2011


The 18th of June there will be an anarchist bookfair in Stockholm and again it will be at Midsommargården, Telefonplan.


The bookfair will be open between 09.00 and 18.00. There will be seminars, workshops and lectures. You’ll also find chill out-spaces to hang out in between events.

For the bookfair to function so we all can enjoy it, we need your help – both before and during the bookfair. We need help with:

* Planning the bookfair, work that is going on now, with meetings every second week. If you want to arrange seminars, workshops or lectures, contact us and we can give you time and place for the meetings.

* Fundraising. Last year we arranged a flea market. Maybe you have new ideas for fun ways of bringing attention to the bookfair and gaining economic support.

* Spreading information about the bookfair. Soon, the posters are ready. If you want to help us putting them up, send us a mail and we can post them to you or make sure that you get posters in another way.

* During the bookfair we also need people who can manage technical stuff, so that the movie room and the seminars can function properly.

* We also need people who like to play for the children’s room;

* Assistents that can help visitors and participants with disabilities -  so that they can get around easier at the bookfair.

* Organize the book stalls;

* Cook food with Automat;

* Join us cleaning.

If you want to help, please contact us at: info[at]

For more information on the bookfair, please navigate this site!

Audio files online!

14th August 2010

Finally, we can present full-length audio files of three of the bookfair’s panel discussions, plus a radio show full of inspiring soundbites and great music! All you need to do is click here!

Thank you!

7th June 2010

Thanks to everyone who showed up at the bookfair and who supported the event! We were really happy with the attendance and the encouraging feedback we’ve received. Please send us commentaries and suggestions – we are grateful for anything that helps us plan for the future!