There are plenty of things to do to make this work. We need to raise money, distribute flyers, translate texts and discussions, entertain children , clean, etc. We’ll find something to do for everyone, and all help will be much appreciated! If you have the time and energy to help out, please write to:


A bookfair costs money: we have to book a venue etc. If you can contribute something to the costs we’d be very happy!

Within Sweden:
Plusgiro 87 38 97 –3 (jord och frihet)
Märk talongen Stockholms anarkistiska bokmässa

IBAN SE12 9500 0099 6034 0873 8973
Nordea, Sweden
To: Anarchist Bookfair Stockholm

Solidarity Accommodation

We need accommodation for people who are traveling to Stockholm for the bookfair! If you have some space to share for a couple of nights, please get in touch:
Many thanks!