The fair is open to all political groups and projects who identify with ideas of antiauthoritarianism and social justice. If you want to have a stall at the bookfair, please contact us at:

Since we have to cover a fair amount of costs, we are asking participants for a contribution of 200 SEK or 20 EUR per table. If this would deter your group or project from participating, please get in touch with us and we will work something out. Your contribution will be collected on the day of the fair.

Tables booked until now for the 2012 Anarchist Bookfair:

15 fot distro (Sweden).
Active Distribution
AGDA – feministisk grupp (Sweden).
Agera distribution
AK Press
Aktion mot deportation Malmö (Sverige).
Alpine Anarchist Productions (Austria).
Amalthea bokkafé
Anarchopride (Sweden).
Anarkistiska studier (Sweden).
Antispeciesistisk aktion (Sweden).
Asylgruppen Lund (Sweden).
Bokcafé Projektil (Sweden).
Bokcafét i Jönköping (Sweden).
Bokhandeln Info (Sweden).
Bokkafé Vulgo (Sweden).
Brand (Sweden).
Cowley Club (UK).
CrimethInc. (USA).
Direkt Aktion (Sweden).
Distr@ction (Finland).
Djurrättsalliansen (Sweden).
Epsilon Press (Sweden).
Federativs (Sweden).
Fria tidningar (Sweden).
Fire and Flames (Germany).
Galago (Sweden).
India Däck Bokcafé (Sweden).
Ingen människa är illegal (Sweden).
Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative (USA).
Libertalia (France).
Metsätähti-kollektiivi (Finland).
Musta Pispala Festival (Finland).
Mustikki Distribution (Finland).
Nätverket Linje 17 (Sweden).
Parecon Sverige (Sweden). (Sweden).
PM Press (USA).
rip da system (Sverige/Chile).
Solidaritetsföreningen K’inal (Sweden).
Stockholms LS – Studiekommitté och Organisera (Sweden).
Syndikalistiskt Forum (Sweden).
Syndikalistiska Ungdomsförbundet, SUF, Stockholm (Sweden).
TankeKraft (Sweden).
Tusen Serier (Sweden).
Unrast (Germany).
Verbal förlag (Sweden).
Vildväxande kollektivet (Sweden).
Världens ende (Sweden).
Wormgod (Sweden).