*** BOOKFAIR 2011 ***


15 fot distro (Sweden).
ABC St. Petersburg (Russia).
ABC Stockholm/Malmö (Sweden).
Active Distribution (UK).
Agera distribution (Sweden).
AK Press (UK/USA).
Alpine Anarchist Productions (Austria).
Amalthea bokkafé (Sweden).
Anarchist Movement Against Prisons/AMAP (Sweden).
Arbetaren / Arbetaren Zenit (Sweden).
Ardent Press (USA).
BARRiKade (Germany).
Bergatrollen (Sweden).
Bez Granits (Baltic Countries).
Bokcafét i Jönköping (Sweden).
Bokcafé Projektil (Sweden).
Bokhandeln Info (Sweden).
Bokkafé Vulgo (Sweden).
Brand (Sweden).
ETC (Sweden).
Federativs (Sweden).
Fire and Flames (Germany).
Fuel for Fury (Finland).
Icarus Project (USA).
India Däck bokcafé (Sweden).
Ingen människa är illegal (Sweden).
Jord & Frihet (Sverige).
Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative (USA).
Libertalia (France).
Libertære Socialister (Denmark).
Metsätähti-kollektiivi (Finland).
Motmakt (Norway).
Musta Pispala & Mustikki-distribution (Finland).
Nätverket Linje 17 (Sweden).
Planka.nu (Sweden).
PM Press (USA).
Solidaritetsföreningen K’inal (Sweden).
Stockholms LS – SAC-Syndikalisterna (Sverige).
Symbiosis distro (Finland).
Syndikalistiskt Forum (Sweden).
Syndikalistiska Ungdomsförbundet, SUF (Sweden).
TankeKraft (Sweden).
The Store of B (Sweden).
Unrast (Germany).
Verbal förlag (Sweden).
VSE Media (Sweden).
Void Network (Greece).
Wald Tapes & Zines (Germany).
xbrigadenx (Sweden).
Yelah (Sweden).


Some of the events will be in Swedish, some in English. The respective language is listed under the event title. Whisper translations can be arranged. In some cases, the language can also be changed on the spot, depending on the audience’s needs.


10-12 From Whom Are We to Be Protected?

Security is a much discussed topic in Europe. The formulation of the Stockholm Program reveals the interest in providing security for European citizens while providing Europe itself with a more secure border. But what does this mean in practice? We want to discuss the state’s ideology behind the expulsion of Romas, militarized borders, and organisations such as Frontex, as well as the question of who is profiting from current migration politics and the privatization of the continent’s borders.

12-13 Women and the Rise of Fascism in Europe

Lecture and discussion with Tiina Rosenberg, professor in Gender Studies at the University of Lund.

13-15 Antifascist Praxis: Experiences, Focuses, and Strategies

Racist parties have grown stronger all over Europe over the last few years, fascist movements are active on the streets, and walls are being built around Europe. What should the antifascist movement focus on amidst so many struggles? In this panel discussion, activists from countries including France, Germany, and Denmark will meet to exchange ideas and to advance our positions.

15-16 The Arab Spring and the Libertarian Left

Discussion about the 2011 uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East. Facilitator: Anthony Fiscella. Invited speakers: Mattias Gardell and Christina Lindström.

16-18 Anarchism in Greece

Due to their relative strength and influence on national politics, Greek anarchists have received a lot of attention in recent years, both within the international anarchist movement and in mainstream media. Tasos Sagris, member of the Void Network and co-editor of the book We Are an Image from the Future: The Greek Revolt of December 2008 will talk about anarchism in Greece and answer questions from the audience.


10-11 Squatting: How Do You Do It?

Ideas and practical tips on how to create your own venues and homes.

11-12 The Icarus Project: Navigating the Space Between Brilliance and Madness

Sascha Scatter, co-founder of the Icarus Project, a network of radical activists diagnosed with “mental illnesses”, kicks off his European tour with a presentation and discussion about one of North America’s most successful radical initiatives of the 2000s.

12-13 Radical/Anarchist Parenting

A workshop on how to be a parent and an anarchist. Discussions and tips on how to create everyday life with sound values for one’s children and how to solve the problems you will inevitably encounter.

13-14 Local Organizing

Members of Nätverket Linje 17, a network of local initiatives along the southern end of Stockholm’s subway line 17, present their project and facilitate a discussion about the possibilities and challenges of local organizing.

14-15 Anarchist Organizing in the Nordic Countries: Motmakt and Libertære Socialister

With Motmakt (Counterpower) in Norway and Libertære Socialister (Libertarian Socialists) in Denmark, two ambitious libertarian socialist projects were recently founded in Scandinavia on the basis of solidarity, direct democracy, and direct action. Members of both organizations will present and discuss their understanding of libertarian socialism, its relationship to anarchism, and social movement building.

15-16 Radicalizing the City: On the Anarchist Queer-Feminist Movement in Gothenburg

Members of the Bokkafé Vulgo will talk about the anarchist queer-feminist movement in Gothenburg and about resistance against the city’s commercialisation. The presentation will include a short film and will be followed by a discussion!

16-17 No Border Camp

Information on the transnational No Border Camp that will be organized in Stockholm in 2012 as well as on the No Border Camp in Bulgaria from August 25 to 29, 2011.

17-18 We Are Right/We Have Rights

Are you tired of taking shit at your job? “We Are Right/We Have Rights” is a workshop about your basic rights at the workplace and on how to deal with workplace-related problems.


10-11 Anarchism and Technology

Technology is a heated issue among anarchists, and besides the polemics there are sound and serious evaluations of the relationship between technology and anarchy. The purpose of this workshop is to take a glance at different positions and to let the discussion flow. Facilitated by activists from Finland’s Metsätähti Collective.

11-12 What Is Anarchism?

Meet Swedish anarchists to discuss what we are actually trying to achieve.

12-13 Music: Mina Systrar och U.P.A.

Music with the favourites of last year’s fair who’ll bring along some friends!

13-14 Music: We Should be Hippies

The finest of German antifolk!

14-15 Mutualism

An introduction to Pierre-Joseph Proudhon and to mutualism by Emil Johansson.

15-16 What is the SAC? Mafia or union?

In connection with the workplace struggle at Berns, a popular high-end nightclub and bar, the syndicalist organization SAC was criticized for many things, including mafia methods. SAC activists will tell their side of the story.

16-17 The Makhno Movement

An introduction to the Makhnovists and the anarchist history of the Ukraine until the Bolshevists’ rise to power – with Sweden’s very own Makhno expert Mikael Eriksson.

17-18 New Anarchist Book Releases

Mathias Wåg will present the anthology I Stundens hetta, which includes 58 texts by activists trying to find concrete answers to the questions of where we are, where we want to go, and how we will get there. Texts by Class War, Wu Ming, Disobbedienti, The Invisible Committee, Tiqqun, Free Association, Turbulence, CrimethInc, No Border, Antifascist Action, Avanti mfl


10-11 Anarchist Studies

Study circles and self-education have been key elements in the development of the workers’ movement, especially within its libertarian currents. In this workshop, we will look more closely at different forms of self-education, at how to organize courses, to handle finances, etc.

11-12 Where is the journal Arbetaren headed?

Recently, there have been many controversial debates around the SAC’s weekly journal Arbetaren. Come and meet some of the editors to discuss the journal’s work and future visions.

12-13 Young and Precarious

SUF StorStockholm, the Stockholm section of Sweden’s Syndicalist Youth Federation, has initiated a campaign to highlight and inform about the situation of youth on the labour market. The trend goes towards short-term employment for people who do not know their rights and who are forced to work under poor conditions. SUF activists will give practical tips on how to improve your working life.

13-14 Meeting of Sveriges Förenade Bokhandlar

Sveriges Förenade Bokhandlar is a network of socialist bookshops in Sweden. The meeting’s aim is to discuss cooperation, experiences, and problems with regard to running bookstores.

14-15 Film: Om bergen faller sönder – En suggestiv berättelse om uranjakt i de svenska fjällen (Klara Sager, Sverige, 2011)

A film about the impact of uranium discovery on a small town in the Swedish region of Jämtland. The director Klara Sager hopes to be present for questions.

15-16.30 Film: Like a Pascha (Sverige, 2010)
Swedish and English

A documentary film about Germany’s biggest brothel, the Pascha in Cologne. Director Svante Tidholm will try to be present to answer questions.

16.30-18 Film: Arna’s Children (Juliano Mer Khamis and Danniel Danniel, Israel/The Netherlands, 2004)
Arabic and Hebrew with English subtitles

The film tells the story of a Palestinian theatre group that was established in Jenin by Juliano Mer Khamis, son of a Jewish mother and an Arab father. The screening is a tribute to Juliano Mer Khamis who was killed in Jenin on April 4 this year.


Veganflava (Stockholm): Street art goes anarchist bookfair.


*** BOOKFAIR 2010 ***


Federativs förlag.
Bokhandeln INFo.
Anarkistiska Studier.
ABC Stockholm.
PM Press.
Alpine Anarchist Productions.
AK Press.
Fire and Flames.
CIRA, Lausanne.
Metsätähti-kollektiivi (FIN).
Normal förlag.
VSE Media.
15 Fot Distro.
Abolishing the Borders from Below.
Active Distribution.
CrimethInc. Ex-Workers’ Collective.
Freie ArbeiterInnen Union (FAU).
Fria Tidningar.
India Däck Bokcafé.
Agera distribution.
Bokcafét i Jönköping.
Workers Solidarity Movement.
Amalthea Bokkafé.
Unrast Verlag.
Catholic Worker Movement.
Hyeena Publishing (FIN).
Princesa Pirata (FIN).
Symbiosis-distro (FIN).
Det vita fältet: samtida forskning om högerextremism.
Gotlands Svarta Får.
ABC Orkan.
Trojka Publishing House.
Ingen människa är illegal Stockholm.
Bez Granits.
Syndikalistiskt Forum.
Fuel Collective.



Panel Discussion 1, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Can Anarchists Help in the Economic Crisis?
Anarcho-syndicalism, Workers’ Rights, and Workplace Struggle

Activists will debate the relevance of anarchist ideals and principles for organizing in the workplace, for challenging economic injustice, and for developing alternatives to capitalism and the wage labor system. In times of ever increasing neoliberalism, the discussion will also focus on workers’ collaboration and solidarity across nation-state borders.

Anna-Klara Bratt (mod.)
Doug (IWW UK)
Jona Elings (SAC)
Holger Marcks (FAU-Berlin)
Torfi Magnusson (SAC)

Panel Discussion 2, 1-3 p.m.

What Is Anarchism? Is Anarchism Relevant Today?

Often enough, mainstream media portrays anarchism as a hopeless dream in the best case, and as mere chaos in the worst. Meanwhile, there is a rich history of anarchist goals, values, and strategies – reaching from collectivist communities to individual liberation, from direct action to non-violent disobedience. The debate tries to explore this history and to outline concrete ways in which anarchism can contribute to more justice and freedom in our daily lives.

Johanna Asp (anarchist activist, Malmö)
Brian (CrimethInc.)
Sebastian Kalicha (Graswurzelrevolution)
Deric Shannon (Anarchist Studies Network)
Abbey Willis (mod.)

Panel Discussion 3, 3-5 p.m.

Why Do Anarchists Have a Bookfair?
The Meaning of Anarchist Publishing

There is an old joke: “What happens when three anarchists end up in the same room? – They found a newspaper.” The debate tries to examine the historical significance of publishing projects – newspapers, journals, presses – for the anarchist movement, and for activist organizing in general. We will also discuss the economic difficulties that radical publishing projects face and the possible ways to overcome them and to support one another. In addition, we want to reflect upon the impact of the internet on print media and publishing in general.

Jon Active (Active Distribution)
Alexis (AK Press)
Marianne Enckell (CIRA, Lausanne)
Margaret Killjoy (anarchistfiction.net)
Pia Laskar (mod.)

Panel Discussion 4 / Network Meeting, 5-7 p.m.

Anarchism in the Baltic Region: Building Alliances

A main motivation to organize an anarchist bookfair in Stockholm was to provide a place for anarchist activists from the Baltic Region to meet, to exchange ideas, and to establish contacts for future collaboration. In this meeting, we try to discuss both the biggest challenges that we are facing in the region and the possibilities in which we, collectively, can make a difference. The discussion will begin with individual perspectives from different parts of the Baltic Region before the forum will be opened for a broad common debate.

Arnoldas ‘Ninja’ Blumberg (Free University Lithuania)
Matti Hirvonen (anarchist activist, Tampere)
Krzysztof Krol (Anarchist Federation Poland)
Anna Oehme (mod.)
Veronika (Abolishing the Borders from Below)

We have full-length audio files of three of the bookfair’s panel discussions, plus a radio show full of inspiring soundbites and great music! All you need to do is click here!


2 – 3 p.m. (på svenska/in Swedish)
Nätverksmöte Sveriges bokcaféer
Arr: India Däck Bokcafé och Bokcafét I Jönköping

3 – 4 p.m. (på engelska/in English)
Gerald Raunig: “The Machines of resistance – Cyborg proletarians and social apparatuses”
A presentation of the book “A Concise Philosophy of the Machine as Social Movement” (New York/Los Angeles: Semiotext(e)/MIT Press 2010)
Org: Michele Masucci and Roh-nin Förlag

4 – 5 p.m. (på engelska/in English)
“Environment, technology and anarchism”
Org: Symbiosis-distro and Muutosvoima

5 – 6 p.m. (på svenska/in Swedish)
Rathje Vierth: “Om konsten att läsa en bok i grupp – och få betalt för det”
Rathje berättar om erfarenheter med studiecirklar han hållit i 20 års tid.
Arr: RV


Amalia Alvarez will exhibit some of her drawings and cartoons.


Josefin Finér, Nadia Lambert, Mia Ström and Mitt hjärta är en bomb will play some music at the bookfair.


A comrade from Turkey will show movies from 4 to 6 p.m.


On Sunday afternoon there will be book presentations at SAC-huset (Sveavägen 98):

1-2 p.m.
Deric Shannon
Contemporary Anarchist Studies: An Introductory Anthology of Anarchy in the Academy

2-3 p.m.
Margarete Killjoy
Mythmakers and Lawbreakers: Anarchist Writers on Fiction

3-4 p.m.
Elin Sandström Lundh
Vi är misfits! Queerfeministisk aktivism och anarkistiska visioner

4-5 p.m.
Federativs förlag
Dåtiden, nutiden och framtiden av Federativs förlag